Response to social needs

People in Hong Kong are often stressed due to the tremendous working pressure and fast-paced lifestyle prevalent in the culture today. They become anxious when faced with problems in romance, career, finance, health or interpersonal relationships. They are generally unable to handle these crisis and find it difficult to relieve the stress that comes with these challenging periods.

When anxiety and stress persists over time, depression, anxiety disorders and other mental issues may arise. These conditions can have a great impact on the daily life of those who are suffering. It may, in some cases, even lead to suicide, self-harm or violent behaviour.

According to statistics from The Hospital Authority, there are over 300,000 diagnosed depression cases in Hong Kong, and the number is growing rapidly. The World Health Organization also predicted that, by 2020 depression would become the second biggest disease in the globe. All these should not be easily ignored. To tackle the current situation before it becomes an endemic public health crisis, Hong Kong urgently needs quality counselling services.


In line with the current trend in the practice of Counselling[U1] 

Recently, many western counselling studies have recognised that “religion and spirituality" are significantly beneficial to mental health. It allows people to understand the meaning of life, maintain an inner happiness and peace, as well as facilitate spiritual growth under the influence of religion and spirituality.Psychologist Viktor E. Frankl concluded that the meaning of life is the attitude you have while facing adversity.Thus, many counselling treatments have tried to introduce spiritual and religious teachings in order to enhance the effect of treatment.

Buddhism is one of the six major religions with more than 1,000,000 followers in Hong Kong.  Some concepts such as“to live in the present moment”, and "to let go”are generally well-accepted or even respected among the public. Therefore, the TSMBSCC, in providing a spiritual counselling service integrated with Buddhist teachings, has been established at the right time and place and is part of the  prevailing trend to provide spiritual growth in counselling.


Fill the service gap

There is a wide variety of counselling services in Hong Kong.  TSMBSCC is a pioneer in providing Buddhist spiritual counselling services in Hong Kong. The core belief of Buddhist teachings are focused on achieving true happiness and peace of mind. People are guided by the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model to gain a better insight of their problems by integrating Buddhist wisdom into their daily lives. It helps free people from their suffering and be able to live a stress-free, peaceful and harmonious life.

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