The Buddhist Spiritual Counseling Centre of Tsz Shan Monastery (TSMBSCC), located in Shau Kei Wan, is the first Buddhist counselling Centre ever established in Hong Kong. The Centre is staffed with professional social workers and counsellors to provide Buddhist Spiritual Counselling services to the needed. When people are in emotional distress and facing problems in relation to their families, career or studies, the Centre will assist them in finding out the underlying causes oftheir problems and in alleviating their suffering. Social workers/counsellors will guide service users, through Buddhist wisdom on life, to transform their negative emotions into positive spiritual energy, so that they can regain control over their lives.


The centre is supported by The Li Ka Shing Foundation, which founded the centre in April 2015.


To build a compassionate and wise community, to enhance people's bodies, minds and spiritual balance.


By following Guan Yin's (Avalokiteśvara's) spirit of infinite compassion and benevolence in benefiting mankind, TSMBSCC assists the those who come to the Counselling Centre, by helping them gain a better insight into their life problems, and transcend suffering through the cultivation of mind and Buddhist wisdom. People are guided to apply the Buddhist wisdom into their daily lives through the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model. Meanwhile, TSMBSCC promotes the development of the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model, and strives for establishing an accrediting agency for counsellors of Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model.

- To provide a Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model service
- To enhance the individual's body, mind and spiritual balance and development
- To promote the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model  through training programs and media coverage
- To provide coaching on Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model to other professionals
- To act as an accredited training centre for the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model