In order to allow social welfare co-workers and the people they help look after to experience “preaching the Dharma through the environment”, spiritual calmness and participate in various educational activities, TSMBSCC organised “Visit of Social Workers to Tsz Shan Monastery”. These social workers, bearing heavy workloads, were able to experience inner tranquility and silence and remembered their initial motives that inspired them to join the noble profession of helping people. 


TSMBSCC welcomes cooperation with other social welfare organizations so their clients can visit Tsz Shan Monastery and experience inner calmness (please refer to Word). [U1] 


Activities Held

Visit of Social Workers to Tsz Shan Monastery (I)

Visit of Social Workers to Tsz Shan Monastery (II)

BGCA Overnight Outreaching Service Visit

Tsing Yi (North) Integrated Family Service Centre Visit

Social welfare organizations that wish to co-organise activities with TSMBSCC, please contact staff of TSMBSCC.