The training of Dharma Therapy is designed for professional groups in the community or for individuals who are interested in Dharma Therapy. Incorporating the Dharma with counselling is a new model.

According to Buddhist wisdom, ‘everything depends on the mind’. It is the heart and mind where a problem arises as well as the source of where a problem can be resolved. So before dealing with a problem, the focus is on dealing with the heart and inner emotions to heal the client. This is one of the main characteristics of Dharma Therapy.

Participants on the training program are able to learn the unique way of Dharma spiritual practice; allowing the client to settle down, to be fully aware of his condition, and to finally have a safe space to relax from emotional stress. By doing so, the client will have the capacity of receiving counselling and be inspired. The core belief of Buddhism is to understand one’s suffering and to be liberated from one’s suffering, and this awakening can then be used as a vehicle to assist the client in sorting out his problems by himself.

Through practice, seeds of love and compassion will be nurtured and the impact of negative energy will be eliminated. This is the ideal achievement of “healing our heart by changing our mind”. 

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