The various areas of volunteer training at TSMBSCC can be symbolised as a Bodhi Tree. The volunteers ‘roots’ are the training of core values such as loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. The volunteers can then practice these Buddhist teachings on themselves, and nurture their positive and wholesome seeds within.

The teachings of the Buddha, or ‘Dharma’ can be seen as the branches of the tree.


Finally, these trainings are realised through the services that the volunteers carry out. These are known as the ‘leaves’ of the tree. Hence, the volunteers learn the roots of the practice, and their training enables them to effectively volunteer, so their practice and training has truly ‘blossomed’. With all these services, volunteers enjoy the  ‘fruit’; fulfillment and joy of benefiting the others as well as themselves.


Activities Held

Heartlinkers Monthly Training

Heartlinkers Training Camp