If you feel lost, confused or sad, this is when your heart is saying; I want you to calm down and take better care of yourself. When practicing meditation, we have the ability to find enlightenment. We don’t need to search for it, because enlightenment is here and now, within us.


Through the process of practicing meditation we can begin to calm our mind and feel more settled. After gaining calmness we can then begin to shine a light on ourselves with more awareness, which will help us bring more insight in solving our problems.


The Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Centre (TSMBSCC) holds regular meditation activities. In the tranquil environment of TSMBSCC, guided by a Buddhist master, you will learn how to concentrate, how to be in touch with your real heart, and how to respond to the messages sent from your body. When your mind can stay calm and peaceful, you stop ruminating on your worries and start to enjoy life.