Service Features

Our services are built upon Buddhist teachings and counselling theories as well as professional techniques, social workers and counsellors facilitate service users to acquire the method of healing one's heart and restoring one’s own strength by different means.


TSMBSCC’s main benefits:


High quality professionalism

Firstly all social workers or counsellors hold professional qualifications and have extensive experience working as counsellors. Based on the altruistic nature of social working and counselling, we want to help clients in need of professional help with a holistic service, which includes Dharma Therapy. Meanwhile, our professional team will ensure good quality service by continual professional development/ in-service training.


Innovative therapy

The Buddhist concept that “everything depends on our mind” is a major feature of Dharma therapy, where we address the underlying feeling before managing the problem itself. Clients learn this unique Buddhist spiritual practice in order to yield the benefits of “healing our heart by changing our mind". As it is also known in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), the situation itself is not always the problem, but the perspective of the situation that is the problem. Thus by changing how you think and feel about the problem, you can completely transform your perspective.   


Safe and satisfactory service

It is believed that every individual is unique, we will listen to your own story and provide you with the most suitable spiritual counselling service, which is free of charge.


Our wish

TSMBSCC collaborates with the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Centre of Buddhist Studies, introducing the elements of Buddhist teachings into professional counselling. This combines not only the theory and implementation of the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model, but the collaboration also intends to train up more professional social workers and counsellors who are interested in the Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model. The establishment of TSMBSCC aims at helping those who are confused and helpless, and developing an accredited agency which provides professional Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model coaching.