Common questions

 ▶ Introduction

  1.        Do I need help?

If you are in emotional distress, facing problems with your interpersonal relationships, family, career or studies, TSMBSCC can help you understand your challenges and alter your perspective towards your problems, heal your mind and heart and release  negative emotions. Our clients regain their confidence and ability in facing their challenges by receiving Buddhist spiritual counselling and learning more on Buddhist insights and teachings.



  1.       Is the service only for Buddhists?

People who are seeking help and are open-minded to Dharma Therapy can approach us for assistance regardless of agenda, age, race, religion, social origin or other status. The professional social workers at our Centre provide counselling according to the client’s specific situation. The ‘Dharma’ (Buddhist teachings) are used to help clients with their problems, however they are under no obligation or pressure to change their core beliefs, whether they are Buddhist, of a different faith, agnostic, or atheist.


  1.        What is counselling?

Counselling refers to the therapeutic communication conducted by professional social workers and counsellors with their respective clients. This creates a safe and confidential environment for the client to share their difficulties and distress.  During the counselling, attitudes and feelings are respected, and the social workers or counsellors work with the client to manage their problems. Social workers and counsellors integrate Dharma therapy into counselling, helping the client to adjust to their body-mind balance and increase their ability to handle adversity. 


  1.       Do I need to see a Buddhist monk or master?

Dharma Therapy is provided by well-trained social workers and counsellors.  However if you would like to further explore Buddhist teachings you can make a special request to see a Buddhist monk or master.


e. What is the method of counselling?

Before the counselling begins, the assigned social worker will plan for 4-8 counselling sessions according to each client’s situation. Each counselling session will last for about 90 minutes and will be held at the counselling room of TSMBSCC.  Please feel free to share your needs with the social worker during the course of the counselling.


f. How much should I pay for the counselling? 

The service of TSMBSCC is free of charge, thanks to the generous support of the Li Ka-shing Foundation.


g. How can I make a reservation, cancel or change my appointment?

Please kindly contact the social worker on duty by calling 3162-6388 during office hours.


h. Where can I seek help if I am facing an emergency?

If you encounter an emergency or a life threatening condition, please call 999 and seek emergency assistance from the police or ambulance services immediately. If you are desperate and require an immediate response, you may call the 24-hour Hotline of SWD at 2343-2255 or 24-hour Hotline of The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong at 2896-0000.