Professional team

A team of passionate, enthusiastic and experienced social workers or counsellors with knowledge of Buddhist teachings are here to serve you.

The members, including the Religious Director of TSMBSCC, the Secretary General of TSM, Consultants of TSMBSCC and the Supervisor, provide support and assistance according to centre's development and service needs. 


Spiritual Director of TSMBSCC -Ven. Sik, Hin Hung

Venerable Sik, Hin Hung was born in Hong Kong and received primary and secondary education in Hong Kong and Japan respectively.  He then obtained Bachelor degree in computer studies and international business at Oregon State University. He joined the family business and gained his membership in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited after he returned to Hong Kong.  Later, Ven. Hin Hung studied the Buddhist scriptures under the teaching of lay Buddhist Lo Shi Hin and lay Buddhist Ip Man Yee. He decided to focus on Buddhist studies and education,  and became become a Buddhist monk ordained under the Mahayana tradition in 1990. He concentrated in his religious work following the footsteps of Venerable master Sheng Yi. Ven. Hin Hung returned to studying in 1993 and obtained a Master of Art in Religious Studies at London University.

In 2000, the Centre of Buddhist Studies was founded at The University of Hong Kong, and the first Master Degree of Buddhist Studies in Hong Kong was started two years later.

In 2003, Ven. Hin Hung participated in reforming the Buddhism courses of the HKCEE, helping to design and promote the life workshop.

In 2003, Ven. Hin Hung moved away from the prevelant western psychological framework, and designed the "Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Model" to treat psychological problems with Buddhist teachings.