Value and professional conduct

No distinction shall be made on the basis of race, colour, religion, social origin, property, or other status; TSMBSCC contributes it's best to provide Buddhist Spiritual Counselling Modelservice. All the deeds and decisions are made under the reference of our values. The diagram below shows the core value of Buddhist teachings, the ethical code and the professional conduct of counselling. 


The core value of Buddhist Teachings

The ethical code and the professional conduct of counselling

All human beings are born equal

Be fair when providing service, respect every client

All human beings are born to have Buddha-nature

It is believed that all people have the potential to be awakened like the Buddha. TSMBSCC helps the clients unveil their own potential and assets to solve problems.

Law of Dependent Arising

Help clients understand that everything in the world follows the rule of cause and effect, so that they will have a clear direction when they are being disturbed.

Integration of compassion, benevolence and wisdom

With guidance and inspiration from the Buddha's compassion, benevolence and wisdom, counsellors help the service users to handle their life difficulties.